Monday, December 19, 2011

It begins...

Next semester, our year is going to be broken up into different groups to start production on our different Flash animated short ideas. Yesterday, I thought it would be pretty cool if there was a Flash game that went along with the animated short I'm helping work on. Then I started thinking of what the game based on our short would be like and I thought: a side-scroller stage, a puzzle stage, another side-scroller stage, and then a boss fight. Then, in the haze and excitement of this idea, I thought, "Hey! I can make that!"

Ambitious? Most likely. But it'll be fun to try. The goal is to see if I can have something presentable by the end of next semester. Sure, it'll be filled with bugs and messy code but what program isn't?

I found this tutorial and did something you see above to get the ball rolling...Let's hope I can keep this up and have a somewhat presentable product by the end of next semester. *fingers crossed*

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Welcome to Gotham

Final assignment of this semester.
A character with a background in any style we want.
I chose Batman: Animated Series.

This was fun. Even though I slept for about an hour so I can finsh it on time.

From the Woods to the City

Incomplete. Add this to the list of digital paintings I want to redo/finish. There so many things I wanted to do here but there was never any time. Throughout the whole semester I felt the deadlines were too soon and unreasonable. It always went down to me choosing between sleeping less hours or handing in incomplete digital paintings. Since I already sleep 4 hours a night on average, I rarely handed in digital paintings that were complete or satisfied with. I am fond with this concept but it was executed poorly.