Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marlin Brando

The Process
  1. First I chose which fish I wanted to do. I decided to make up my own fish rather than paint up an existing one. I roughed out a 3/4 view, side view, and front view.
  2. Next, I drew a larger, a bit clearer pose of the fish. At this point, I had the idea of creating a fish the looks like it's holding it's breath. I thought it would be funny.
  3. When I was satisfied with the design and pose, I built up the form by paying attention the fish's light and shadows. I also experimented until I was able to get the tail look convincingly transparent. I realized too late that I moved away from the "Deep Breath" fish and it was pointed out to me that it started looking like Marlon Brando.
  4. Added stronger shadows and highlight, Worked more on the eyes and finished off the fins.
  5. Added the scales and gill, finished the eye, added textures, put in a background and adjusted the levels. DONE!

"Marlin Brando"

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