Saturday, July 2, 2011

Artbook Pages

My pages for the school artbook that will hopefully be made. I'm concerned I may have crammed in too much and some images might be too small. The only ones I think are at risk are the Jekyll/Hyde drawings but I'm not real fond of the lines in the first place.

Also! My artbook concept covers. The theme is "Animate Your World" so my idea was to have an animation disc above the earth like a magnifying glass. The image within the disc would've been an animation world and a bunch of random (non-copywritten) characters popping out and escaping through the disc. It was ambitious and I thought I had a chance of pulling it off but finishing up the work for the my personal pages took more time than I thought and I never got beyond these sketches. There's an extension but I've lost all heart for it for now and I have plans for other stuffs.

I was leaning more towards this composition but with the animation disc & Earth a little lower to make more space for the characters/cartoon stuff.

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