Saturday, May 21, 2011

WIP - Summer 2011

I'm working/finishing up some stuff for the yearbook at Seneca College. Also drawing randoms. With the randoms I usually lose interest before it's finished so I end up finishing them way later.

Sorry for the spam of posts.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Game played more than 5 times: SUPER PUNCH-OUT!

I rented out this game from my local rental place until they eventually closed down and I bought it from them.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Favourite Genre: ACTION/RPG

Great way to combine gameplay and story.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Game with the Best Story: BIOSHOCK

Three words: "Would you kindly..."

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Game setting you wish you lived in: BESAID ISLAND

From FINAL FANTASY X ...just seems like a cool place to be.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Favourite Protagonist: SOLID SNAKE

"I never felt truly alive unless I was staring death in the face."


30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Favourite Antagonist: GlaDOS

Drawing by Makani

"Did you know you can donate one or all of your vital organs to the Aperture Science Self Esteem Fund for Girls? It's true!" - GlaDOS (Portal 1)

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Game with the best cut scenes: HEAVENLY SWORD

This was a PS3 first generation game, brother played it recently and the cut scenes still hold up. Plus Nariko is played by the (yummy) FRINGE Agent, Anna Torv.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Game(s) playing right now: DRAGON AGE & LA NOIRE

Two'fer. Playing Dragon Age but recently grabbed LA Noire and got sucked in.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Recent Gaming Wallpaper

A lot of cool wallpapers :)

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Game Everyone Should Play: PORTAL

This game can be played by anybody and there would be no doubt that they would be entertained. Besides Tetris, this could be the gateway game that starts the gaming habit on the average person.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Gaming System of Choice: SNES

Best. System. Ever.

Unrivaled library of video games

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunday, May 8, 2011

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Best Soundtrack: Final Fantasy 7

If I didn't have to narrow it down, it would be FINAL FANTASY 7-10. All by Nobuo Uematsu. But 7 was where I fully realized music in video games. Before, video game music was just a catchy tune that would get stuck in my head. Then Final Fantasy 7 came along and the music was more than a catchy tune, it set the mood of what was going on.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Favourite Game Couple

I like these characters. They're pretty well-rounded and neither of them can be defined as "weak". Put them together and I like the banter that they share. It's very entertaining.

Honorable Mention:

They just look so 90's and it automatically makes them cool.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Game character you feel you are most like: Commander Shephard

This was easy. Because he was me. I deliberately made any decision that was made a "what would I really do in this situation" moment. Which led to Commander Shepard not hitting any skin in ME2. That seems accurate...

Also, GREEN LANTERN COMMANDER SHEPHARD FTW! I'm gonna draw that someday...

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Most Annoying Character(s): Anybody who wasn't Frank West

While Frank West was cool enough, every other character that Frank West ever had contact with was annoying and/or useless. The supporting characters were stupid, even for a zombie game/movie, the bosses were unbearably difficult most of the time, those assholes outside in the gatling gun-mounted jeep were assholes, the janitor wouldn't shut up on the walkie-talkie, and those "survivors" Frank was supposed to escort back to safety were f*ckin' idiots.

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Guilty Pleasure Game: Kingdom Hearts I & II

Whoops! I forgot I was doing this...oh well, I'll just make a few consecutive posts...Sorry in advance for the spammage.

The story got convoluted very quickly, there are way too many (original) characters, there was so much androgyny that I'm not surprised about the slashfics, and why are there so many f*ckin' zippers!?
BUT! I liked the gameplay, I'm a fan of the both worlds and it's cool to see them cross over. Plus, Mickey is the only exception on design because he looks pretty badass in that hoodie.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Underrated Game: Psychonauts

Shame on you if you haven't played this game. SHAME ON YOU!!! This game is fun, funny, original, and very approachable. You can give this to a non-gamer and they would have fun. Plus, the guy who voiced Raz also voiced Zim!
Fanart of this takes a while for me to digital paint


Shame on you if you haven't played this either. SHAME!!! This game is just as fun. It had a lot of gameplay and the main character was Jade, a respectable, empowering female rather than some big-tittied, half-naked broad.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - My Favourite Character: Super Mario

Going mainstream with this one. I mostly like Mario because before him, video games was nothing but a dying trend. Then the NES was released and Miymoto used Mario (and Luigi) to help video games be more than a trend and started to make video games a viable form of entertainment. Worldwide, he's almost as recognizable as Mickey Mouse!
Plus, he's obviously a nice guy (and nice guys finish last, if at all). Always saving the princess yet he still doesn't get any? And, suspiciously, there are always little kiddie Koopas being fired out when Bowser captures her? huh? *wink* *wink*

Also, I want to do a piece of fanart for each of my 30 Day choices so here's a preview of Mario:

Monday, May 2, 2011

30 Day Video Gamer's Challenge - Very First Video Game: BASE WARS

I'm pretty sure this is the first game I ever played because I remember playing at this an age so young that I didn't know how to read yet.

This game was fun. You can steer the ball when you pitch and if the runner met with a baseman with the ball, there would be a one-on-one robot battle! And if you didn't have the robot with the gun arm, you were screwed!