Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unfinished Business

So the first year of Animation at Seneca is over and due to my poor time management I have a bunch of half-assed work I would like to put my full ass in to.

Speaking of which, here's my first demo reel...

...yup. It's cheesy, it's humorous, it's the way I like it.

Here's some stuff that I plan on finishing up during the first part of the break:

...and anything else that would look good in the yearbook that's coming up.

There's also stuff from the weekly challenges that I didn't get to do because of my said poor time management skills: Team Fortress 2 cast as females, redesigning a video game character, and something else I can`t remember (if you're reading this and have the list of the weekly challenges, please remind me of it).
So I'll be getting to that, too.

Lastly, Riggs just finished this 30 day Video Gamer's Challenge on Facebook and this made me realizedI don't have a favourite video game character or a favourite game of all time and for some reason that bothers me. So I'm thinking of giving that a shot soon.

That's it. Let's see if I can do this.

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