Friday, August 14, 2009

Beyond Good & Evil - Pencils

Fanart I'm working on. Right now I'm inking it over and over for practice. Jade's face is kind of expressionless so I'm fixing that and I'm still contemplating on whether or not I add more characters like I originally intended.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where all the Magic happens...

So here's another one for the portfolio. There's supposed to be two-perspective drawings of a room from 2 different angles, so expect another one from a different angle soon.

Although I don't feel this is quite done yet. For one, it does look kinda fish-eye-y. Also, I'm thinking of colouring it with either marker, pencil crayons or watercolour for some variety in my portfolio (also, I've never added shades to an environment before and if I do, I don't think it'll look as good as I want). I'll probably try them all and post 'em here. Then hopefully you folks reading this can help me choose which is better. So consider this your heads up. Thanks.